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BIMINI® Bermudagrass Elevates Fairways at Panther National

by Jamie Tedder on Jan 22, 2024


BIMINI® Bermudagrass stands out as one of the most resilient sports grass in the US today—and it now takes center stage as the preferred fairway grass at the newly opened high-end contemporary golf course in Palm Beach, Panther National.

New Golf Course by Jack Nicklaus, Justin Thomas Opens in Florida

At the heart of a luxury community sits the 18-hole Panther National championship golf course. It is designed by the all-star duo, Hall of Fame designer and golfer Jack Nicklaus and former World Number One Justin Thomas, marking the latter’s course design debut.

The Panther National opened in November and is a step away from the flat terrains prevalent in South Florida golf courses. It features dynamic elevation changes and dramatic drop zones to ensure fun and playability. 

“From the start, the vision was clear—to create a golf experience unlike any other found in South Florida,” Nicklaus was quoted in a media release announcing the opening.

“Every opportunity to design a golf course brings challenges, but in the case of Panther National, uniqueness triumphs,” he added, emphasizing that there is no golf course remotely close to it in the region.


Panther National—The First Golf Development in Palm Beach in Two Decades

As the first golf development in Palm Beach County in nearly two decades, Panther National is envisioned to be the first of its kind—a modern golf and lifestyle community, redefining luxury living.

“We want to be the first modern golf and country club in the United States,” said Panther National founder and Swiss developer Dominik Senn in a statement. He went on to share that the inspiration for the upscale, contemporary development stemmed from his dissatisfaction with the monotony of Florida’s flat and repetitive golf course. 

“The only difference is who has a little bit better design and who manicures the fairways and greens better,” he added.


With state-of-the-art training facilities, a 9-hole, par-3 practice course, and a putting course called The Cub—the new golf course and country club certainly does live up to these expectations. It boasts a rare diversity in scale and complexities to accommodate various skills among all members.

The golf course is attached to a residential community with a total of 218 high-end, custom estates and a club house that lets you indulge in a wide array of luxurious amenities. It features multiple Michelin-inspired dining venues, lounges, spas, pools, cabanas, a courtyard firepit, a wine cellar, and a state-of-the-art fitness center—all on a 400-acre plot and secluded among 2,400 acres of picturesque wildlife and conservation areas.

Panther National Golf Course Features BIMINI® Bermudagrass

The Panther National offers versatility with seven sets of tees ranging from 5,563 to 7,840 yards of playable layout. It uses approximately 300 acres of Bahia grass, a soft-muted green-hued grass that complements the deep green color of the BIMINI® Bermudagrass fairways and rough.

Given that fairways require durable and drought-resistant grass that can withstand heavy foot traffic, BIMINI® grass stands out as an excellent choice. Its durability along with the renowned characteristic of Bermudagrass to tolerate being cut as low as half an inch, aligns perfectly with what is needed for fairways. These sections are usually trimmed short to make it easier for golfers to hit their shots.


BIMINI® Bermuda—Versatile Turfgrass Beyond Golf Fairways

In addition to golf courses, BIMINI® Bermudagrass stands out as an excellent option for diverse applications—residential lawns, commercial spaces, playgrounds, parks, and any area requiring lush green coverage.

As an improved Bermuda variety, its versatility extends to other athletic fields, exemplified by its recent installation on the Stetson University baseball field. Overall, BIMINI® proves its ability to elevate landscapes with high-quality, hard-wearing turfgrass with unmatched aesthetics.