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BIMINI® stands up to other common Bermuda grasses, without allowing them to encroach in or through it.”


BIMINI® Diversity

BIMINI® isn’t just for golf, its world-renowned resilience makes it good for residential, community recreation and sporting fields. Check out our informational guides to learn more.

BIMINI® for Golf

World renowned for its resilience, BIMINI® is also known for its exceptional tolerance to heat and cold. BIMINI® is a fine-bladed grass with a vigorous growth rate, deep roots and dense rhizomes. Excellent shear strength and ability to handle heavy foot traffic makes it a preferred grass for golf courses everywhere.

BIMINI® for Athletics

Rhizomes in the root system allow BIMINI® to quickly recover from damage. BIMINI®'s wear tolerance extends to high traffic areas across multi-player sports fields.

BIMINI® for Home

You'll be the envy of the neighborhood with BIMINI®. BIMINI® is slow to go dormant in the winter and the first to green up each spring, so you'll have more days with a beautiful emerald, green lawn. BIMINI®'s drought tolerance makes it the responsible choice for any homeowner.

Ready to use BIMINI®?

Explore our care and maintenance manual to discover valuable advice and techniques for optimizing the full potential of your BIMINI® experience.

What Our Customer's Say About Us

Our lawn has never looked better since switching to Bimini Bermuda.

- Sarah H.

Impressed with the lushness and durability of Bimini Bermuda grass.

- Mark W.

Bimini Bermuda exceeded our expectations for a vibrant, green lawn.

- Laura S.

The resilience of Bimini Bermuda grass is unmatched.

- John D.

Thrilled with the results, Bimini Bermuda transformed our outdoor space.

- Emily B.

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