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OSU - Durability

BIMINI® Bermuda was considered the most traffic tolerant in the most recent study by OSU.

OSU - Harvestability

BIMINI® was an excellent performer in terms of harvestability and shear strength in the most recent study by OSU.

OSU – Tensile Strength

BIMINI® had the highest tensile strength, beating out Celebration, Tahoma31, Tifway and more.

UF - Drought

BIMINI® performed the best in the most recent study by University of Florida for turf quality with no water.

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Published by
OSU- Dr. Yanqi WU
Professor Plant & Soil Sciences

Published by
Dr. Kevin Kenworthy
Plant Breeding & Molecular Genetics

Did You Know?

Universities test and experiment plants and grasses each year. Most studies can last for multiple years and use multiple testing tools. Check out a few photos from some of the most recent Turfgrass testing tools.

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