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Gulfstream Park: Merging Racing Legacy with Bethel Farms' Bimini Bermuda Grass

by Rohail Ali on Nov 05, 2023

Gulfstream Park: Merging Racing Legacy	with	 Bethel Farms' Bimini Bermuda Grass

Gulfstream Park, celebrated for its horse racing since 1939, has embraced a green transformation. Thanks to Bethel Farms' Bimini Bermuda Grass, expertly installed by Madina Sod Corporation, the park now marries its storied racing past with environmental forwardthinking.

Gulfstream Park: A Racing Beacon:

As a jewel in the crown of the Stronach Group, Gulfstream Park is a racing legend. It's here that events like the Pegasus World Cup Invitational Series and the G1 Florida Derby have made equestrian history.

Bethel Farms' Bimini Bermuda Grass: A Fresh Chapter:

With the expertise of Madina Sod Corporation, Gulfstream now boasts the transformative benefits of Bimini Bermuda Grass:

  1. Salt Resilience: Being near the coast, it's essential to withstand sea salt. This grass does it brilliantly.
  2. Drought Resistant: Even in dry conditions, the park remains lush and green.
  3. Strong Roots: Its deep-rooting system minimizes soil erosion, crucial for bustling venues.
  4. Dense Coverage: Providing a thick green carpet, it enhances the park's visual appeal and offers a comfy feel underfoot.

More than Races: Gulfstream's Broad Appeal:

Gulfstream Park isn't just about horse races; it's a vibrant entertainment spot in South Florida: Retail and Cuisine: The Village at Gulfstream Park offers diverse shopping and dining experiences. Versatile Venues: From grand weddings to corporate gatherings, Gulfstream accommodates a range of events.

Getting to Gulfstream Park:

Situated at 901 South Federal Highway in Hallandale Beach, Florida, Gulfstream Park's location is prime. It's strategically positioned between the Fort Lauderdale and Miami International Airports and is a stone's throw from the Atlantic Ocean's calming waves.


Gulfstream Park seamlessly integrates its rich racing heritage with the environmental beauty of Bethel Farms' Bimini Bermuda Grass. Visitors are treated to riveting races set against a backdrop of sustainable splendor. This fusion sets Gulfstream apart as a landmark of tradition and innovation.