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5 Interesting Facts About BIMINI® Bermudagrass

by Jamie Tedder on Mar 27, 2024


Homeowners today enjoy a wealth of options for selecting the perfect grass for their landscape. With advancements in turfgrass breeding and cultivation, improved options are constantly emerging, each providing exceptional characteristics and benefits tailored to specific needs and preferences. 

In the warm, humid Florida climate, having grass with excellent heat and drought tolerance is essential. While traditional warm-season grasses like Bermudagrass have been known for their resilience and vigor. New cultivars continue to be developed to deliver even greater advantages. Among those, one such standout is BIMINI® Bermuda, a fine-textured Bermudagrass that surpasses traditional cultivars giving Bimini heightened fall/winter cold tolerance and early spring green-up. 

Continue reading as we delve further into the exceptional characteristics of BIMINI® Bermuda. 

BIMINI® Bermuda has excellent cold tolerance. 

As a warm-season grass, BIMINI® Bermuda experiences peak growth from late spring to early fall. When temperatures transition from fall to winter is when Bimini shines over other cultivars. Whether its on the farm, on a golf course or a residential/commercial property, BIMINI® has proven to be at the top of the list when it comes to winter color.  

It greens up early in spring. 

In addition to its cold tolerance, BIMINI® Bermuda greens up early in the spring, giving your lawn a head start in the growing season. This early start also means your lawn can quickly recover from winter dormancy, encouraging new growth that can help suppress weed growth. 

A healthy, dense turf shades the soil, making it difficult for weeds to establish. It also fills in bare spots, making your lawn more resilient to pests and diseases. Overall, an early green-up can indicate a healthy lawn. 

It is the most traffic-tolerant. 

In a study conducted by Oklahoma State University, BIMINI® Bermuda emerged as the most durable and traffic-tolerant variety among other Bermudagrasses. It can withstand heavy traffic and other stresses while maintaining its lush appearance and health. Additionally, this improved Bermuda variety boasts the highest tensile strength, further contributing to its wear tolerance. 

A traffic-tolerant lawn is favorable for many homeowners with active families, pets, or who often host outdoor gatherings. It is more resilient to damage, which translates to less time and resources spent on lawn maintenance and repair, thus saving you time and effort in lawn care. 

It spreads and recovers from damage quickly. 

BIMINI® Bermuda is characterized by its rapidly horizontal spreading growth habit, which spreads through stolons and rhizomes. This habit lets it quickly establish, fill in seems to form a resilient lawn. It also enables rapid recovery from cultural or environmental stress. Additionally, its dense growth pattern is a factor in its ability to compete against weed intrusion.  

It is versatile. 

With its resilience to heat, drought, heavy traffic tolerance, improved cold tolerance, and wear recovery, BIMINI® Bermuda stands out as a versatile grass variety ideal for various applications. For homeowners seeking a healthy, visually appealing lawn that can withstand stressful environmental conditions, BIMINI® Bermuda makes a great choice. Additionally, it is an excellent option for golf courses and athletic fields where a resilient and fast-recovering green cover is required. 

BIMINI® has earned recognition as a leading golf grass, exemplified by its recent successful application at the Panther National championship golf course in Palm Beach. This showcases its versatility and suitability for various landscaping purposes.

bimini Bermudagrass

Final Thoughts 

Factors like aesthetic appeal, durability, and wear tolerance play a crucial role when selecting the ideal grass for your lawn. In this case, BIMINI® Bermudagrass is a premier choice, providing a heat and drought-tolerant green cover with improved cold and traffic tolerance. With its beautiful dark green color, BIMINI® gives your lawn a distinct appearance compared to other grasses.  

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