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6 Reasons You Should Consider BIMINI® Bermuda for Your Lawn

by Jamie Tedder on Apr 03, 2024


In the sun-soaked landscapes of the southern states, bermudagrass has long been the go-to choice for its exceptional heat and drought tolerance. Recognized for its ability to thrive in extreme weather and endure heavy foot traffic, this resilient grass is a staple for golf courses, sports fields, and residential lawns alike. Its fast recovery from wear and tear makes it great for high-traffic areas, ensuring a lush, green expanse even in the most challenging conditions.

But what if there's a variety of bermudagrass that not only possesses these hallmark qualities but also overcomes its traditional limitations? Imagine a grass that tolerates shade, withstands cold temperatures, and still delivers the same resilience and durability.

Enter BIMINI® Bermudagrass— an improved hybrid bermuda variety that is perfect for athletic fields, golf courses, and residential areas.

1. BIMINI® Forms a Fine-Textured, Dense Turf

BIMINI® Bermudagrass sod is celebrated for its fine-textured, dense turf that features a beautiful dark green color and upright leaf growth. These visual characteristics not only contribute to its aesthetic appeal but also have practical benefits.

Generally used for athletic applications, it provides a soft but resilient surface that cushions impact and ensures a smooth playing field. Its high traffic tolerance and fast recovery are attributed to its deep root system, allowing it to excel on golf courses, football fields, and other high-traffic sporting fields.

2. It Creates a High-End Look

While BIMINI® is widely used commercially in sports fields and recreational parks, its exceptional qualities have also made it a favorite for residential lawns. Homeowners seeking a high-end, luxurious look for their landscapes turn to BIMINI® for its lush, dense coverage and rich green hue.

This bermudagrass variety transforms ordinary lawns into elegant, enjoyable lounging areas, perfect for family gatherings, outdoor activities, and simply soaking up the sun. Its ability to thrive in high-traffic environments makes BIMINI® a great option for anyone looking to elevate their property's curb appeal while worrying less about wear and tear.

3. It Ranks Number One in Various Research Studies

More than appearance, BIMINI® Bermudagrass also stands out in performance, ranking number one in various university research studies. According to Oklahoma State University, BIMINI® has demonstrated superior durability, boasting the highest traffic tolerance and tensile strength among tested varieties.

Meanwhile, a study by the University of Florida highlighted BIMINI®'s remarkable drought tolerance, showing the best turf quality with minimal water. These findings underscore BIMINI®'s resilience and versatility, confirming its status as America's most resilient sportsgrass. BIMINI® proves to be a leader in both research and real-life applications.


4. It Tolerates Cold, Expanding Its Planting Area

Bermudagrass generally thrives in tropical, subtropical, and transition zones. It is used extensively in the warm, humid Florida climate and similar regions.

However, BIMINI® Bermuda sets itself apart from other varieties with its cold-tolerant properties, extending its viability further in the transition zone. This feature allows it to endure lower temperatures and perform well in cooler climates, providing landscapers and homeowners a drought-resistant option for regions traditionally unsuitable for bermudagrass.

5. It Stays Green Longer in the Fall and Greens Up Early in Spring

BIMINI® Bermudagrass maintains its vivid green color longer than other varieties before going dormant as temperatures drop in the fall. This characteristic ensures that your turf cover retains its lush, appealing look well into the cooler months.

As spring approaches, BIMINI® greens up early, offering a head start on the growing season and extending the period of visual appeal.

6. It Tolerates Low Mowing Heights

BIMINI® Bermudagrass is well-suited for environments where low mowing heights are essential, such as golf course fairways and roughs. It can be maintained at heights as low as 0.5 to 2 inches without compromising its dense, fine-textured appearance. In a residential setting, this tolerance to low mowing heights allows for precise, well-manicured lawns that are equally appealing and functional.


Final Thoughts

Its fine texture and dense growth, exceptional cold tolerance, early spring green-up, and tolerance to low mowing heights are simply a few reasons to consider BIMINI® Bermuda for your lawn. This warm-season grass also boasts a rapidly spreading growth habit, ensuring a lush, resilient lawn that withstands heavy use and recovers quickly.

Available as sod for sale, BIMINI® provides the advantage of an almost instant lawn, preventing soil erosion and suppressing weed growth from the start.

Transform your outdoor space with the superior qualities of BIMINI® Bermudagrass. Visit the BIMINI® Bermuda website to find BIMINI® from our grower network and bring this exceptional turfgrass to your home.